A Note from our Founder:

TruDiary provides equitable, quality prenatal care for all moms. While carrying my son, I struggled to navigate the different aspects of pregnancy and experienced multiple challenges during and after childbirth. After facing these challenges, I knew I did NOT want other moms and families to experience what I had gone through.

The challenges that I faced varied from difficulties establishing trusting relationships with my OB-GYN and understanding the health system maternal processes to postpartum complications during the early child development of my son. I know that we can do better.

I have developed an energized team of maternal health advocates, physicians, OB-GYNs and external healthcare professionals, health systems, nonprofit organizations, and a growing community of caring moms who are passionate about supporting other moms along their personal journeys to have healthy pregnancies and postpartum experiences.

If you’re interested in learning more about our services, resources, and how we are impacting local communities, JOIN US TODAY!!

Veronica Berry

CEO & Founder of TruDiary