There are 12 million Americans that are misdiagnosed annually and women are 50% more likely to be misdiagnosed for any condition, due to lack of access to care, patient health information gaps and lack in patient engagement.

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TruDiary is an AI powered telehealth platform, aimed at helping women save time in a doctor’s visit and improve the diagnosis process. Our software is designed to curate data sets from information the user inputs and tracks, family medical history, past medical history, the user’s environment and social determinants utilized to detect risk quickly, show a true snapshot of a patient’s current condition that can lead to life saving interventions and provide remote patient monitoring, providing managed care to the patient where the patient is and eliminating access and barriers to care. Our focus is on High Risk pregnancies and reproductive health in rural and underserved areas. We want to partner with organizations that feel these initiatives are a top priority.

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